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  • ESG Evaluation: Introduction

    In the 21st century, a buzzword the world over is definitely “sustainable management.” Sustainable management is a concept grown out of the notion of sustainable development as defined in 1987 by the World Environment Development Committee-published book “Our Future (Our Common Future).” Development meeting should meet the present generation’s needs while not deterring the future generation’s capacity to meet their needs. ESG refers to the environment, society and governance, which the UN PRI (UN Principle of Socially Responsible Investment) asks to consider as a core element in deciding on an investment. Improving business soundness via transparent corporate governance, analyzing the influence of business on the environment and society, and inducing positive influences for business to achieve sustainable growth over the long term is sustainable management.

  • ESG Evaluation: Objectives

    Korea Corporate Governance Service, intending to elevate the social responsibility of listed companies, promotes its activities and also encourages responsible investment, and has developed an independent model for ESG evaluation. The model, while keeping global standards like ISO26000, is a Koreanized evaluation model based on the circumstances of Korean companies for providing information on principles and standards of socially responsible management. ESG evaluation is a method of corporate governance evaluation supplemented in the evaluation of the social and environmental sector for promoting and encouraging sustainable development by listed Korean companies.

CJ Logistics ESG Evaluation Results

This is the CJ Logistics ESG Evaluation Results table consisting with Evaluation fields, SCORE (previous year), Grade, Rank (Rank within sector), Average in securities market etc..
Evaluation fields SCORE (previous year) Grade Rank (Rank within sector) Average in securities market
Environment (E) 61.8 A 68/760 (4/24) 31.3
Society (S) 75.3 B 98/760 (4/27) 33.8
Corporate governance (G) 52.5 A 98/713 (5/27) 34.7

Recommendations from exemplary norms

This is the Recommendations from exemplary norms table conssiting with Recommendations from exemplary norms, Adopted, Remarks etc..
Recommendations from exemplary norms Adopted Remarks
Application for corporate governance site O -
Separation CEO from board chairperson X -
Introduction of written voting system X -
Introduction of concentrated voting system X -
Introduction of electronic voting system O Approval at BOD before shareholders meeting
Composition of audit committee O Composed of 4 non-executive director
Business ethics regulation enacted & publicly announced O Entry into homepage
Difference from exemplary norms publicly announced O Entry into homepage
Company purchase of insurance for damage compensation liability O -
Payment of intermediate or quarterly dividends O -

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