CJ Logistics will create a transparent and sharing culture through ethical management.


Based on the ethical management,
CJ Logistics will create value for various stakeholders and leap forward to become the global top ethical management company.

CJ Logistics CEO, Shin Young Soo

CJ Logistics has been continuously growing through selection and concentration strategy based on its structural competitiveness such as innovative growth, outstanding competency, and top talent, and is trying to become a global No.1 logistics company beyond Korea.

In order to achieve sustainable growth as the global No.1 logistics company, CJ Logistics has enacted the CJ Code of Business Conduct to comply with the high level of ethical standards of these changing environments in honest and responsive manner. At the same time, CJ Logistics foster a corporate culture where all employees could voluntarily put ethical management in action through their commitments to the ethical management.
To establish the ethical management culture firmly, CJ Logistics has implemented the subordinate policies and guidelines to the CJ Code of Business Conduct, providing the proper direction in our daily work. Furthermore, CJ Logistics is operating various programs such as period trainings and evaluations for all employees to persuade them voluntarily participate in the ethical management.

CJ Logistics will continue to pursue the best ethical management in the world as members of a respected and beloved corporation with support from our customers, shareholders, colleagues, partners, and global communities.

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