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Q. I am wondering if there is a specialized service for corporate customers.

We offer special pricing, such as high discount rate, for corporate customers depending on the volume.
- Overseas online sales inquiry: yule.lee@cj.net, eddie.hong@cj.net, dk.kim32@cj.net

Q. When sending baggages to overseas, will CJ Logistics arrange all of it like they do for domestic moving?

Terms of our service (Door to Door) are to put your belongings in your home. Unpacking, and furniture placement/assembly will be all arranged, but small stuff setting should be done by customer. Please contact the person in charge for the full moving service.
- Overseas moving consultation : +82-2-700-1949 [Inquiry]

Q. I want to be provided with total project logistics solution of CJ Logistics.

CJ Logistics has a specialist group which manages the whole route from vendor shop to final destination as well as development of optimal transportation route considering characteristics and cost of freight, and lead time. If you have any business you want, please contact CJ Logistics Expert Group.
[Info desks per business]

Q. Please describe IT system and characteristics of CJ Logistics contract logistics.

We offer customized logistics processes utilizing optimized solutions for each industry, visibility services that enable visible logistics, big data-based logistics forecasting, and statistical analysis.
- Customized System: Optimized system for customer characteristics and industry.
- Visibility service & SOP system: Integrating control and management of processes before logistics service begins.
- Big data-based forecasting and analysis: Big data-based logistics forecasting and statistical analysis to maximize customer profit.
[Contract Logistics Inquiry]

Q. I would like to know about specialized services for industries such as food, distribution, and fashion.

CJ Logistics provides customer-specific services based on consulting with each industry such as food, distribution, fashion, and cosmetics.
- CPG: Possessing the largest room and low temperature network and infrastructure in Korea, providing customized automation facilities and services
- Distribution & FC: Provide 3 temperature logistics service based on MNC customer base, and provision of stable operation environment and customized logistics solution based on distribution cluster 
- Fashion (Road Shop): Equipped with B2B customized billing and delivery platform based on fashion industry group, and developed the apparel management application based on location of goods 
- e-Commerce: Global EC dedicated center, domestic collection and storage, and full line-up service through international express
[Contract Logistics Inquiry]

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