CJ Logistics will create a transparent and sharing culture through ethical management.

CJ Logistics' Ethical Management Activities

CJ Logistics carries out various activities every year to provide specific directions and principles for desirable behaviors to all of its executives and employees.

  • 2023 Compliance Management Committee Meeting - Award for the Outstanding Coordinator given by CEO Dec 2023

    Message from the CEO for Preventing Violations of the Subcontracting Act May 2023

  • CJ Group Compliance Forum Jan 2023

  • CJ Group Online Compliance Training session (99% Completion by Employees) Nov 2022

    P&D) On-Site Monitoring and Training Session Aug 2022

  • Message from the CEO to Prevent Recurrence of Unlawful Collaborative Practices May 2022

  • Held 2021 Compliance Management Committee Meeting Nov 2021

    Conducted Group Online Compliance Training
    - Training Completed by 97% employees
    Oct 2021

  • Published Business-Related Regulation Guidelines and Policy and Law Reports Mar 2021 ~

    Acquired ISO37301 Certification (Compliance Management System) as the First Logistics Company in the nation Sep 2021

  • Open Training Session on Subcontracting Law July 2020

    Enactment and enforcement of CJ Code of Business Conduct Apr 2020

  • In-house TV broadcast Compliance Training July 2019

    Compliance Management Committee Meeting

  • Declaration Ceremony for Strengthening Compliance Management May 2019

    Introduction of Fair Trade Self-Compliance Program Jan 2017

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