2021. 10. 29

The scope of services offered by industry groups is gradually expanding in the Korean contract logistics (CL) market, such as food, fashion, healthcare, cosmetics, and companion animal products. The use of e-commerce is also increasing in the contactless era, with the role of customized logistics solutions now being more emphasized due to diversification of delivery. This is also why the business circles are paying attention to the total CL system based on advanced IT systems and specialized service for each industry group offered by CJ Logistics, which has established itself as No. 1 in the Korean CL market.


Total logistics solutions based on rich experience and advanced IT systems

풍부한 경험과 첨단 IT시스템 갖춘 토털 물류 솔루션

This is where cargo storage, handling, release, and delivery are combined with a logistics automation system to create differentiated total logistics services. This is made possible by CJ Logistics, which has been established as No. 1 in the Korean CL market. The company leads the CL market systematically and efficiently based on Korea’s largest infrastructure and customized solution competency, with 203 centers nationwide, 4 terminal complexes, 9,800 specialized employees, and 5,600 transport vehicles. CJ Logistics is focusing on providing quick and accurate logistics services through cooperation and enlargement by building the largest automation-based smart mega-hubs in Korea at a global scale, such as Logis Park Dongtan and Logis Park Yangji.

Specialized logistics service for each industry group based on consultation

컨설팅을 통한 산업군별 특화된 물류 서비스

From food to distribution, fashion, healthcare, and cosmetics, the CL service offered by CJ Logistics provides customized logistics solutions based on consultations with specialized researchers for each industry group. The company has the largest ambient and cold storage network and infrastructure in Korea for consumer packaged goods (CPG), has created a stable operating environment based on distribution clusters, and has also developed a delivery control app with an exclusive B2B transport and delivery platform for the fashion industry. This specialized sales know-how for each industry group is the key to CJ Logistics’ CL service.

This is made possible by the company’s SCM consulting organization, the only one of its kind in the logistics industry. The ultimate consulting competencies from logistics diagnosis by industry group to base optimization, logistics center design and operational improvement, and streamlining of transport and delivery are all enhancing the company’s competitiveness in CL service.

Expanding into fulfillment service for electronic goods
based on expertise, technical skills, and automated facilities

전자제품 풀필먼트 서비스까지 확대

CJ Logistics has recently begun to operate a fulfillment service for electronic goods, which integrates the entire logistics process of electronics, in addition to fashion, companion animal products, and daily necessities. Having signed an MOU in August with ‘Ecomment’, an integrated platform for orders of electronic devices in Yongsan Electronics Market, CJ Logistics is performing the logistics tasks that had been performed by the wholesalers and retailers using Ecomment, thereby reducing the burden on warehouse maintenance, logistics work, and store management.

In particular, the previous three-step process (seller – cargo collection – consumer) will be simplified into a two-step process (Fulfillment Center – consumer), which will reduce the delivery time by about 1-3 days. Starting with the stable operation of the e-fulfillment service, CJ Logistics plans to further expand the scope of items they handle, such as computers and compact products.

Total CL system with cold chain fulfillment

콜드체인 풀필먼트 장착된 토털 계약물류 시스템

CJ Logistics is improving productivity and efficiency in logistics through automated and unmanned logistics based on TES (Technology, Engineering, System & Solution). The logistics automation system for operation and management consists of four steps – order, warehouse, transport, delivery – from warehousing to inventory management, client sorting, automated packaging and inspection, release, and delivery. The company has know-how and state-of-the-art logistics facilities based on field experience, such as transportation robots, unmanned forklifts, complex scanners, M-QPS, W-Navigator, and the Cool Guardian System, thereby systematically managing logistics and saving costs.

Recently, CJ Logistics began fully operating the ‘Cold-chain Fulfillment Center’ in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, offering a total cold-chain fulfillment service that integrates the entire process of logistics from the storage of refrigerated and frozen products sold on Naver Smart Store to inventory management, packaging, release, and delivery.

The IoT-based ‘Cool Guardian System,’ which was developed by CJ Logistics, provides real-time data to managers by measuring temperature and humidity year-round with sensors installed around the logistics centers. The fulfillment operation technology of CJ Logistics, which makes use of smart logistics technology, has been upgraded into a customized service for various conditions of product attributes and storage temperatures, thereby leading the e-commerce market.

Newer and more convenient: Constant evolution of customized logistics

더 편리하게 더 새롭게, 끊임없이 진화하는 맞춤형 물류

CJ Logistics has the competency to provide a supply chain in all industry groups. The company has secured the top position in the Korean CL market by partnering in CL service with multiple large online retail shopping malls selling fresh foods, consumer goods, fashion, companion animal products, and healthcare products.

Women’s fashion marketplace ‘Zigzag,’ fresh food Saetbyul Delivery ‘Market Kurly,’ Korea’s biggest e-commerce shopping platform ‘Naver Smart Store,’ and pet product shopping mall ‘PetFriends’ are collaborating with CJ Logistics to build a quick and stable delivery system. Different types of delivery services are provided, such as same-day delivery, early morning delivery, and three-hour delivery on live commerce, which has not only increased client sales but has also resulted in high consumer satisfaction.

CJ Logistics is constantly establishing new logistics processes to be able to provide the best logistics service that is optimized for both clients and consumers by expanding Market Kurly Saetbyul Delivery to the entire nation and building a new service model subdivided by time zone based on the needs of the 460 thousand Naver Smart Store consumers. The company’s efforts in maximizing client and consumer satisfaction with differentiated services will shape the future of the Korean CL market.

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