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Leaping forward to become a global innovative logistics company, CJ Logistics UAE


  • 3Warehouses

  • 108Equipments

  • 1Ship

CJ Logistics Middle East, It has settled as a regional control tower for Middle East, Africa & CIS. 
Dubai entity acts as a Financial Hub and Abu Dhabi entity  has been positioned as a Project Logistics Operation Hub.

CJ Logistics Middle East had been established in 2013 to manage UAE Nuclear Power Plant Project(BNPP : Barakah Nuclear Power Plant Project). 
Currently, 3 entities (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait) are under CJ Logistics Middle East. 
In 2017, CJ Logistics Middle East acquired ICM Logistics specialized in the Middle East & Central Asia and has improved our competitive edge.

  • 20172017 Established CJ ICM Logistics (acquired ICM logistics, ME, CIS No.1 project logistics company)
  • 2016Awarded Korean Food Central Warehouse operation in Middle East in association with AT Center Abu Dhabi
  • 2014Established Abu Dhabi branch for Barakah Nuclear Power Plant Project operation
  • 2013Set-up the first Branch in Dubai, UAE


CJ Logistics runs for the global logistics market leadership. CJ Logistics challenges for the World's No.1 service provider over being best in Korea.

CJ Logistics UAE
P.O Box 17307, Office Room 2406, Jafza View #19, Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 (4) 889 5433 

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