CJ Logistics will create a transparent and sharing culture through ethical management.

Ethical Management Structure

CJ Logistics

CJ Logistics has issued guidelines for fair trade and anti-corruption,
which provide detailed rules and advisible actions.

  • CJ Global Anti-Corruption Policy
    This Policy is established to prevent anti-corruption risks and ensure compliance with anti-corruption
    and anti-bribery laws of the countries in which CJ does business.
    This Policy sets forth CJ’s minimum standard to uphold our anti-corruption and anti-bribery commitment.

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  • CJ Global Fair Competition Policy
    This Policy is established to prevent anti-trust and competition risks and ensure compliance with anti-trust and competition laws of the countries in which CJ does business.
    This policy provides a guideline for CJ Members to prevent illegal activities such as price fixing, illegal information exchange, and abuse of dominant power and to promote a fair and honest competition with our competitors.

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  • CJ Global Privacy Policy
    This policy provides detailed guidelines to fulfill our commitment to data protection under CJ Code of Business Conduct and contains universal and minimum standard for the CJ Members to ensure the privacy and rights of our customers and safely process personal information.
    This policy applies to everyone working for CJ worldwide regardless of location, role or level or seniority.

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  • CJ Global Economic Sanctions Compliance Policy
    We provide guidelines by proactively understanding international trade regulations, such as export-import controls, trade restrictions, and trade prohibitions implemented by each country or international organization.

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