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ESG Message

ESG Message

I am Shin Young Soo, CEO of CJ Logistics.

Greetings to Our Valued Stakeholders, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering interest and support for CJ Logistics over the past year.

CJ Logistics is strongly committed to improving its ESG performance to the highest global standards alongside its business growth. Based on our ESG strategy, the ESG Committee selects key initiatives every year and systematically implements them through dedicated organizations and working groups.

In recognition of our diligent efforts and faithful performance, most of our ESG ratings and scores increased compared to the previous year at major domestic and international rating agencies, including the Korea Institute of Corporate Governance and Sustainability, EcoVadis, CDP, as well as Sustinvest, DJSI, and Sustainalytics. In addition, the "Sustainability Report 2022" was selected as the "2023 Korean Management Award Report of the Year" by the Korea Management Association.

I am pleased to share our major achievements in 2023, focused on our three ESG pillars: eco-friendly logistics, creating a win-win ecosystem, and securing new growth engines.

First and foremost, we have developed technologies for eco-friendly logistics and promoted energy efficiency. CJ Logistics was the first Korean company to declare "Carbon neutrality by 2050" and is on track with its carbon reduction plan. To this end, we are steadily promoting energy efficiency, switching to eco-friendly transportation methods such as electric and hydrogen vehicles, and building related infrastructure in stages. We are also concerned about environmental issues and have established a waste circulation system to recycle waste materials such as cardboard boxes and stretch films generated at our logistics centers.

Furthermore, we won the "2024 WorldStar Packaging Award" for our tapeless delivery packaging solution, an eco-friendly packaging technology.
We have strived to improve resource efficiency and reduce waste through innovations in the packaging field, such as developing our own box recommendation system, "LoIS O'Pack," to prevent overpacking.

Second, CJ Logistics has created a win-win ecosystem to become a safe, fair, and desirable logistics company to work for. CJ Logistics is dedicated to establishing management systems to ensure the human rights and the safety of stakeholders and to achieve zero risk in the supply chain.

We carry out regular due diligence on the supply chain for key suppliers, based on which we provide trainings to ensure mutual growth with them. We also make efforts for shared growth by investing in and fostering startups, supporting eco-friendly packaging for small businesses, and operating a win-win fund. Human rights risks are managed through due diligence at our business sites and take measures to minimize risks.

We have also introduced and operated the industry's most advanced EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) integrated IT system and situation room. In recognition of our achievements in introducing smart safety technologies, we were awarded the Grand Prize by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries at the "1st Korea Port Safety Awards".

Third, we have promoted new businesses to secure ESG-driven new growth engines. Eco-friendly energy-related businesses are increasingly recognized as future growth engines. CJ Logistics has won a 300 billion KRW contract for battery facility logistics, leveraging its extensive logistics infrastructure and network across the U.S. We are also preparing for battery recycling logistics and expanding related businesses.

Moreover, we are pioneering hydrogen energy logistics, a key to the future hydrogen economy. We have signed agreements with leading hydrogen energy companies to create a hydrogen-based eco-friendly logistics ecosystem. By launching liquid hydrogen transportation after gaseous hydrogen, we are beginning to expand hydrogen energy logistics in all aspects.

In addition, CJ Logistics has identified social and environmental needs for circular economy and resource recycling and established a resource recycling system based on public-private partnership with the Seoul Metropolitan Government to contribute to environmental preservation and improve the recycling rate of waste resources.

Dear Stakeholders, Based on our mission of "To be the strategic partner designing and implementing the best SCM solution for customers to succeed together" CJ Logistics will strive to fulfill our vision of becoming "the global SCM solution provider leading the national logistics network and global logistics market with world-class technology."

In line with our ESG slogan, "We deliver the sustainable future," we are determined to become a company that delivers a sustainable world to our future generations. We look forward to your continuous encouragement and support.

Thank you.

June 2024
Shin Young Soo, CEO of CJ Logistics SHIN YOUNG SOO

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