Announcement CJ Logistics launches a brand new website.
CJ Logistics launches a brand new website.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website which consists of CJ Logistics’ global services, businesses and networks. Our goal with this global website is to provide visitors an easier way to learn about and experience our advanced logistics competencies, global assets and infrastructure.

A global network connecting every corner of the world. Visitors can learn about CJ Logistics’ global network and logistics infrastructure at a glance, and also easily browse through.

We are expanding our global logistics network, having a goal of the global top-5 logistics company by 2020. This brand new website is to provide visitors an insight about our global network. For international users, the global website’ contents are available in three different languages - English, Chinese and Korean that can be quickly changed over by clicking a small button on the top of each page. A quick link to our 32 global presences is to foster improved communication with our international affiliates and partners.

A unified web platform for global affiliates and partners. CJ Logistics’ CI and brand policy enables global partners to keep brand coherence.

All localized services in 32 countries have merged into this global website in accordance with CJ Logistics corporate identity and branding policy (as of Dec. 7, 2017). Visitors will experience unified web environment wherever they brows in.

Core competencies. The effective menu bar design allows visitors to have responsive navigation experiences.

The horizontal menu bar across the top of the website provides a quick access to CJ Logistics’ key competencies - Business, TES, Network and Sustainability. Visitors can experience and comprehend our business portfolio and core logistics competencies while freely navigating vertical sub-menus.

Exciting visual experiences. The optimized video clips for web design helps visitors to have an intuitive grasp of CJ Logistics’ core competencies.

The new website features a full screen video background. Relevant video contents on each page allow visitors to have an intuitive comprehension and emotional experience of our core competencies.

All services at a glance. Parcel, international express, domestic and international moving services are all available at the new website.

Existing four websites - Parcel Service/International Express, Domestic and International Moving Service, and company’s official website – have merged into one. Also, three independent web services - HELLO Cargo Information Network, EUROX Mall, and Container Strategic Information System - are linked to this new website. Truly, this brand new website creates a convenient, close and innovative customer encounter. Now, visitors have a full access to all services at a glance.

As ever, CJ Logistics will deliver excellent customer services and create more customer values.
Thank you.

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