CJ CheilJedang Launches Next-Day Arrival Delivery Service at Its Own Mall


▶  CJ CheilJedang Introduces 'Next-Day Arrival' Service at Official Mall CJ The Market

CJ CheilJedang has announced the launch of the 'Next-Day Arrival' service at its official online mall, CJ The Market. This initiative underscores the company's commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction through speedy and accurate delivery services.

CJ The Market’s ‘Surely Tomorrow! O-NE’ Launches… Nationwide Delivery Completed the Next Day for Orders Placed Before 11 PM

The ‘Surely Tomorrow! O-NE’ service, officially launched on the 11th at CJ The Market, promises next-day delivery for most regions in the country for orders of CJ CheilJedang products placed before 11 PM. This service debut at CJ The Market marks the beginning of an expansion extending to other platforms, including CJ CheilJedang's official NAVER brand store, by the end of January next year.

Enhanced Delivery Competitiveness with Real-Time Inventory System Integration at Dongtan Online Center

CJ CheilJedang has expanded its Next-Day Arrival service, previously limited to certain ambient products like Hetbahn and Bibigo broth dishes, to include all products. This expansion is supported by a newly developed system at the Dongtan Online Center, enabling same-day shipment by synchronizing real-time inventory with customer orders.

Enhanced Customer Convenience with Membership Fee Reduction for 'The Prime' and Large-Scale Discount Promotions like 'The Markt Sale Festa'

In a move to increase benefits for customers, CJ CheilJedang is also rolling out various promotions. Starting December 20th, the membership fee for CJ The Market’s paid membership, 'The Prime,' will be significantly reduced to 990 won per month and 9,900 won per year, more than halving the original cost. Benefits like credit points upon joining, a 10% ongoing credit earnings, and a monthly free shipping coupon will remain unchanged.

Moreover, CJ The Market is enhancing customer convenience by hosting large-scale discount events like the monthly 'The Market Sale Fiesta' and 'The Market Fresh Fiesta,' along with selling fresh foods, beverages, and products from other companies. CJ The Market's accumulated members have surpassed 3.5 million (as of the end of November).

Kim Hyung-woo, Head of the DTC Division at CJ CheilJedang's Digital Business Unit, commented, "The introduction of the 'Surely Tomorrow! O-NE’ service at The Market is meaningful as it allows customers to access popular CJ CheilJedang products like Hetbahn and Bibigo dumplings more quickly and conveniently. We will continue to strive to provide better benefits and shopping experiences through various promotions and services."

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