CJ Logistics Builds a Resource Circulation System for Recycling Discarded Mobile Phones via Courier


▶  On the 13th, an MOU ceremony was held at the Gwanggyo Gyeonggi Provincial Office. From left to right: Park Hak-kyu, President of Samsung Electronics; Kim Dong-yeon, Governor of Gyeonggi Province; Shin Young-soo, Representative of CJ Logistics Korea Business Division; and Jeong Deok-ki, Chairman of E-Circulation Governance.

Innovative logistics leader CJ Logistics is utilizing its extensive nationwide courier network to establish a recycling model for discarded mobile phones, a resource with boundless recycling potential.

MOU with Samsung Electronics, Gyeonggi Province, and E-Circulation Governance to Create a Resource Circulation Model Using Courier Logistics

CJ Logistics announced on the 13th that it has signed a 'Customer Participation Mobile Phone Resource Circulation Logistics MOU' with Samsung Electronics, Gyeonggi Province, and E-Circulation Governance. The MOU at the Gyeonggi Provincial Office focuses on collecting discarded mobile phones from homes using CJ Logistics' O-NE service network and recycling their components and raw materials.

Consumers can apply for mobile phone recycling on the Samsung Electronics sustainability management website. CJ Logistics then delivers a safety pouch to each home. Consumers can place their discarded phones in the pouch and request final collection, after which CJ Logistics collects and transports them to the E-Circulation Governance Metropolitan Processing Center in Cheoin District, Yongin City, where shredding and raw material recycling processes are performed.

Easy and Convenient Mobile Phone Recycling with a Single Click from Home

This resource circulation model offers an easy and safe way to dispose of discarded mobile phones. Consumers can effortlessly release their phones from home with a single click. Those who complete the process receive a donation receipt and carbon-neutral points. The specially designed safety pouches provided by CJ Logistics facilitate recycling and prevent personal data leakage.

CJ Logistics is setting up a resource circulation collection system using its dense nationwide courier network. E-circulation governance is responsible for shredding and preprocessing discarded mobile phones. Gyeonggi Province supports the program's promotion and the management of safety pouches, contributing to job creation at the Yongin Local Self-Sufficiency Center. Samsung Electronics takes charge of promoting the program through its channels.

Discarded mobile phones, containing over 30 types of metals, including gold, silver, copper, and palladium, are among the waste resources with the highest recycling value. However, many are left idle in their homes due to the lack of widely known recycling methods. Improper disposal of these phones can lead to environmental issues such as soil contamination with heavy metals. Thus, establishing a resource circulation system is recognized as a critical area.

Shin Young-soo, Head of the Korea Business Division at CJ Logistics, stated, "The resource circulation model for efficiently recycling waste resources marks the beginning of a sustainable future. We will strive to expand this resource circulation model into more diverse areas using our leading domestic logistics infrastructure, the courier network."

This project is the fourth resource circulation model developed by CJ Logistics and will run for two years. CJ Logistics actively conducts a resource circulation project, collecting waste resources like PET bottles, aluminum cans, and milk cartons through its courier network and recycling them into cosmetic containers, steel raw materials, and sketchbooks.

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