CJ Logistics to open a new fulfillment center in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do

Innovative technology company CJ Logistics will open a new fulfillment center in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea with an aim to establish a more closely knit logistics network and provide high-quality services to sellers and consumers.

Shuttle AGV
▶ In the picture can be seen “Shuttle AGV” (automated guided vehicles), which CJ Logistics plans to adopt into its Icheon Fulfillment Center 1 by the end of the year. Shuttle AGV move and adjust their heights on their own to bring products in and out of a storage space made up of 4.7-meter-long high-rise shelving.

CJ Logistics’ 26,545㎡ Icheon Fulfillment Center 1 has kicked into gear. The facility is capable of independently performing a whole array of complex logistics processes.

On the 15th, CJ Logistics announced that it had opened Icheon Fulfillment Center 1, which has a total floor area of 26,545 square meters (8,030 pyeong), in Seolseong-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do. Fulfillment is a service that stores products of multiple clients together in a single place and independently takes care of a whole array of complex logistics processes including inventory management, packaging, inspection, shipping and delivery.

The fulfillment center is a convergence type linked to delivery terminals and is capable of delivering products ordered by as late as 24:00 the day after.

CJ Logistics provides a high-quality delivery service to consumers via convergence-type fulfillment, which links fulfillment centers and delivery terminals. Products ordered by 24:00 by consumers all over South Korea are shipped from the fulfillment center and then delivered to them the day after via delivery hubs and sub terminals located across the nation.

Transport robots “Shuttle AGV” to be adopted, which can adjust their own heights and fetch products stored on high-rise shelving autonomously.

CJ Logistics plans to adopt transport robots, “Shuttle AGV” (automated guided vehicles), into the fulfillment center. These robots move and adjust their heights on their own in a storage space made of 4.7-meter-long high-rise shelving to bring products in and take them out. With high-rise work having been made possible, products can be stacked tightly up high in the distribution center, consequently improving storage efficiency greatly. In addition, there is no need for workers to physically go around the expansive distribution center to locate items or to operate forklifts for that matter. CJ Logistics is currently building an infrastructure and system to run Shuttle AGV and plans to put them into operation in earnest at the end of the year after running precise preliminary tests on them.

CJ Logistics intends to provide high-quality logistic service to sellers and consumers by continuously expanding its advanced-technology-based Smart Fulfillment.

CJ Logistics’ E-commerce Division head Ahn Jae-ho said, “We will implement a set of logistics processes optimized for each product’s characteristics by building more fulfillment centers while at the same time adopting new automated facilities, such as Shuttle AGV. We will strengthen our status as an innovative technology company who grows together with customers by further advancing our Smart Fulfillment based on technological prowess and operational capabilities.”

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