Business Survival of the Fittest, e-Commerce Faces Fierce Competition Three key factors to help your business keep ahead
2022. 05. 13

e-Commerce is one of the innovations that have changed our lives the most. In a world where Digital Natives own a growing consumption power and live in a highly advanced digitized environment, e-commerce is no longer a novelty but an indispensable part of daily life. Which makes the market highly attractive, leads to a higher competition where the businesses and sellers have to try harder.

Experienced consumers are demanding, merchants have to strive to provide an exceptional experience beyond meeting immediate demands while continuing effort and investment to strengthen capabilities to keep ahead of the competition. Particularly, the importance of logistics cannot be emphasized enough. 
The evolving e-commerce market has caused the logistics industry to continuously innovate. CJ Logistics, a leader in e-commerce logistics, presents the three logistics-based key factors to capture the hearts of customers and grow your business.

data visualization to allow at-a-glance inventory management,
from order to returns

First, overall data visualization is required for online orders, storage, pickup, boxing, delivery, returns and inventory management. This is especially important for e-commerce sellers who receive orders from multiple channels and need an integrated view of the business flow. As orders arrive, preparing for shipments and delivery tracking, all stages need to be automated in a streamlined process to create visibility of all the business functions. Thus, digital capability to manage data with speed, precision is becoming more important.


CJ Logistics’ eFLEXs is a specialized integrated logistics management system for e-commerce companies which can handle order compilations to ship outs in a single platform. It can combine orders from multiple channels in real-time, track inventory from entry to exit of storage spaces, follow the delivery status for customer orders and while keeping books.


fulfillment services customized towards e-commerce sellers

Second, e-commerce sellers need customized fulfillment services to keep up with swiftly shifting customer demands, as they change and diversify. Going beyond simple and uniform fulfillment services, features that can cater to the individual characteristics of each product in stocking, quality and inventory checks while furthermore picking up consumer trends to recommend rising demands, pack, release, deliver, handle exchanges and returns is in demand.

CJ Logistics provides solutions for each industry, such as keeping track of real-time inventory and quick delivery for daily consumer goods. Managing diverse categories to match quick trends for fashion businesses, timely management for perishables like fresh foods and meal prepped kits, CJ Logistics has capabilities and precision technology to customize its fulfillment service to the needs of each e-commerce seller.


infrastructure and network to support delivery to all regions in Korea

Lastly, the capability to cover nationwide delivery is important. CJ Logistics has a broad network and related infrastructure to deliver shipments throughout the country. The ability to meet diverse customer needs while delivering stable service is also a key requirement. Delivery service is considered as the “Last Mile” for e-commerce businesses and sellers however, it serves as the first step to complete the brand experience for customers.

CJ Logistics has approximately 3,000 for daily transport vehicles daily and 24,000 delivery trucks that cover nationwide shipments. These vehicles route through large scale logistics centers and the largest mega hub which form a converged fulfillment system. Combined together, e-commerce sellers can offer quick and precise next day shipments for orders placed up to midnight which can maximize satisfaction for both customers and sellers.

Leveraging innovative technology, CJ Logistics reduces complexity of logistics processes to provide efficient and convenient service that helps growth of e-commerce growth as a reliable partner.

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