2021. 09. 30

CJ Logistics America is winning recognition for its differentiated competency in global logistics solutions. The company is striving to provide customized comprehensive logistics services based on its state-of-the-art logistics technology TES, showing remarkable results by proving its competitive edge in the US logistics market by integrating the brand, holding exhibitions, and winning awards. Let’s check out more about CJ Logistics America as it leads change in the global logistics business and achieves high growth.


Building a Global Logistics Network Throughout North America

북미 전역에 걸친  글로벌 물류 네트워크 구축
‘CJ Logistics America’ was launched in 2018 through the merger of CJ Logistics US corporation ‘CJ Logistics USA’ and American logistics company ‘DSC Logistics’. By integrating the human resources, logistics infrastructure, and platforms of the two companies, CJ Logistics America has built an extensive logistics network throughout North America, focusing on global sales targeting multinational corporations by breaking away from the sales method targeting Korean companies overseas.

The scope of the logistics business has been also expanded from food and consumer goods to high value-added industries, such as cold chains and electrical and electronic goods. Accordingly, CJ Logistics America is concentrating on securing a stable foundation for growth and differentiated competitiveness. The company is upgrading its global logistics services based on its state-of-the-art logistics technology TES and is striving to provide customized comprehensive logistics services that meet the diverse needs of clients, such as a multimodal transport service to neighboring countries in addition to transport in Korea and North America.

Introducing Competencies in Global Logistics Solutions
with Differentiated Marketing

차별화된 마케팅으로 글로벌 물류 솔루션 역량 알리다
CJ Logistics America is carrying out various marketing activities, such as brand integration and participation in global exhibitions while displaying its competencies in differentiated logistics solutions to the global market. CJ Logistics renamed the newly merged corporation in the US ‘CJ Logistics’ in March and is widely promoting its advanced logistics brand value to the global market.

By integrating the network of the merged corporation that had been a logistics leader in North America with the infrastructure owned by CJ Logistics, the company is making an impression with the single brand ‘CJ Logistics’ and is focusing on finding potential customers. CJ Logistics is expected to provide more extensive and diverse services such as international maritime, aviation, and multimodal transport as well as multichannel total logistics for the retail industry.

CJ Logistics America attended the ‘CSCMP Edge 2021’ for four days from September 19, which is a global exhibition with 58 years of history and authority. With over 3,000 participants and 600 global companies from 50 countries in attendance, CJ Logistics America set up the largest booth right in the middle of the venue, introducing cases that improved logistics efficiency and maximized customer satisfaction using advanced technology based on TES (Technology, Engineering, Systems & Solutions). There was also a Q&A session about cost reduction and network management through logistics innovation, where the company was once again able to show off its differentiated third-party logistics (TPL) and supply chain management competencies to many clients.

Proving Competitiveness in the US Logistics Market,
which Led to the Winning of Awards

미국 물류시장 내 경쟁력 입증, 수상으로 이어지다
CJ Logistics America is winning awards in the US logistics market. It was selected as ‘Top 3PLs & Cold Storage Providers of 2020’ by American food logistics magazine ‘Food Logistics’, winning recognition for its state-of-the-art cold chain logistics competencies, such as temperature monitoring technology, transport management system, and warehouse management system. Based on the effort to practice ESG management, CJ Logistics America was also selected as a ‘Green Supply Chain Partner of 2020 and 2021,’ with the announcement being made by American logistics magazine Inbound Logistics, for two years in a row, securing its place as a leader of green logistics.

CJ Logistics America is also highly rated as a company that operates stable logistics services while also providing good customer service in the US logistics market. In August, the company was selected as a winner of the ‘2021 Quest for Quality Award’ hosted by American traditional logistics magazine ‘Logistics Management’ in the 3PL Value-Added Warehousing & Distribution Solutions category. By improving logistics efficiency based on advanced technology, CJ Logistics America has been able to not only save costs for clients but to also maximize customer satisfaction, winning the award in the same category for two years in a row.

Pursuing Dreams and Challenges by Leading Sponsorship Activities

CJ Logistics America is also taking the initiative in various sponsorship activities, such as the New Normal Talent Donation involving the employees as well as a putting challenge that presents CJ Logistics professional golfers.

‘Book-reading Foreign Language Village,’ one of the New Normal Talent Donation programs, is a volunteer activity in which CJ Logistics employees and Yaksu Senior Welfare Center’s senior volunteers read foreign language storybooks to local children. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, last year, this was done by creating and uploading YouTube videos of storytelling and oral narration.

This program was even more meaningful with the participation of CJ Logistics America employees including Rachel Stierwalt who lives in Chicago. CJ Logistics America also hosted a putting challenge for booth visitors at the ‘CSCMP Edge 2021 Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition’ held in Georgia, offering the chance to win golf clubs used by CJ Logistics professional golfers. This has raised the anticipation for the official PGA tournament ‘THE CJ CUP’ held in Las Vegas, Nevada for four days starting October 14, showing support for the golfers participating in the tournament.

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