2021. 09. 30

The trend in the mobility industry is changing rapidly worldwide as we can call a cab on an application anytime and anywhere, use a car sharing service rather than a car rental service, and get a robotaxi that drives itself without a driver. Mobility has been changing and developing constantly with the needs of the times, growing into various industries in combination with IT.

The use of AI mobility technologies is also increasing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the means of middle- and long-distance transportation with convenience and safety, self-driving mobile unmanned stores for the contact-free era, and innovative logistics and delivery services using green mobility.

Mobility Combined with IT to Connect different Industries

We are now about to enter the era of self-driving robotaxis driven by AI. In December 2020, Amazon’s subsidiary Zoox presented the world’s first complete self-driving robotaxi with bi-directional driving capabilities and four-wheel steering, which caused a great sensation.

Google’s Waymo, which had dived into the robotaxi market already 10 years ago, recently set the record of being the world’s first effort to commercialize a complete self-driving taxi. Waymo is the first case of the commercialization of a robotaxi service without an assisting driver by developing an integrated single sensor and computing system that detects the surroundings regardless of time and distance.

The Era of Autonomous Driving that Protects Convenience and Safety

자율주행차<’Zoox’ presenting the world’s first complete self-driving robotaxis>

In the contact-free era, the self-driving shuttle platform also leads to development of various services, expanding the concept to mobile space. IKEA research and design lab SPACE10 is currently seeking ways to use the interior of self-driving cars as a hospital, grocery store, and office. Gwangju is also currently developing a mobile unmanned store by applying autonomous driving technology. This mobile unmanned store will move around Gwangju and offer convenient services, such as contact-free purchases and healthcare to vulnerable citizens.

There is also a growing interest in micromobility for short-distance travel that cannot be covered by public transportation, such as personal modes of transportation like electric kick scooters and electric bicycles. The micromobility industry was first initiated by Uber and Lyft. The first electric kick scooter sharing service in Korea is Olulo’s ‘KICKGOING.’ There is now also Hyundai Motor Group’s open last-mile platform ‘ZET,’ which started an electric kick scooter and bicycle sharing mobility service. They were followed by second movers like PUMP ‘SsingSsing,’ Mass Asia ‘Gogossing,’ ‘Gbike’ ‘Gcooter,’ and ‘Flying Flower Road,’ thus quickly expanding the sharing mobility service market throughout the major cities of Korea, such as Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Busan.

CJ Logistics, the First in the Industry to Open the Era of Green Mobility

Mobility is used in various forms in logistics services as well, to connect the world even more quickly and conveniently. Leading with new mobility in the logistics industry, CJ Logistics is the first in the parcel delivery industry to develop new technology and equipment for unmanned aerial vehicles for a new logistics service that overcomes physical constraints. The company has also created a safe and efficient work environment by adopting eco-friendly electric trucks and self-driving delivery robots.

CJ Logistics was also the first in the industry to apply 1-ton electric trucks to the field in November 2020. The company has further opened the era of green mobility for delivery service by also installing EV charging stations and entering into related areas of business. In addition, the company also declared its goal to change 100% of its cars to electric and hydrogen-fueled vehicles by 2030. The increased supply of electric trucks to deal with climate change is expected to play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Mobility Logistics Service Portrayed by CJ Logistics

How does CJ Logistics portray the future innovative logistics industry? AI unmanned trucks with upgraded autonomous driving technology will map out the schedules of delivery drivers and determine the optimal unloading route. The delivery drivers arriving at the destination will automatically check the information of the packages through AR 3D smart glasses.

Delivery robots connected to the unmanned trucks deliver the packages, and customers can check the entire process quickly and easily via the CJ Logistics app. This technological innovation will increase convenience and save time for delivery drivers, while also making the delivery process quick and convenient.

CJ Logistics is accelerating and leading the paradigm of state-of-the-art mobility logistics business using green mobility as well as automation, unmanned, and intelligent technologies. With a mobility delivery service based on autonomous driving technology, CJ Logistics will change not only the logistics industry but also our everyday lives in the near future.


(Image Source : Zoox, Waymo)

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