Business The age of big blur : Future trend that lowering down the barriers among industries
2021. 08. 30

The so-called big blur phenomenon, which is described as a blurring of the barriers between industries, is now being experienced in global business. Advancements in IT thanks to Industry 4.0 technologies are lowering the barriers between technologies, industries, and companies. Technologies that transcend the existing limitations and industrial convergence are emerging as the future of business. We now hear news of a fashion brand launching a burger, and of how the largest eCommerce company in the world is entering the music streaming business.

In these times of contactless interactions, the logistics industry must not be left out. We introduce the CJ Logistics big blur phenomenon as it breaks down barriers of logistics services in step with the trend of diversifying shipping, as a driver of smart logistics reform backed by state-of-the-art technology and operation system, from integrated fulfilment to the last mile service.


The industrial revolution of convergence that is removing barriers


The big blur means that the borders between things are slowly being removed. Futurologist Stan Davis described in his book, Blur: The Speed of Change in the Connected Economy, published in 1999, the blurring effect of industries that takes place after advancements are made in innovative technologies. The rapid development of Industry 4.0 technologies including, IoT, fintech, AI, and drones has made industrial barriers a legacy of the past.

In this big blur era, broken borders between technology, industry, and companies are opening up numerous opportunities. With these lowered borders, the big blur is starting a positive change in many parts of the industry, facilitating the merging of products and services from different companies, which has created new markets that had not existed before, and has even strengthened the competitiveness of the existing industries.

Blending fashion and a burger captivates the MZ Generation


It was only just this last April when a fashion house released a burger for vegetarians. Vetements, a French brand popular among Millennials and Generation Z, or MZ Generation for short, introduced a joint menu in collaboration with Moscow-based concept store MK20. The meal consisted of a vegan burger, French fries, and lemonade. By starting a food business as a fashion brand, Vetements easily blurred the existing borders and successfully appealed to the people of MZ Generation who seek out fun content and convenient service.

The company did not stop there, and actually went on to release a new burger set, Vetements Burger 2.0, the Next Level Edition in parallel with the Vetements 2021 F/W Collection, gaining huge attention from the MZ Generation. What’s more surprising is that Vetements announced a plan to take Vetements Burger global on its official Instagram account in June earlier this year. The first destination? South Korea. Vetements must have noticed that the big blur phenomenon is clearly visible in Korea.

The open end of finance and ecommerce as it attempts to diversity the industry
The blurring of industrial borders would mean that we are moving towards an era that emphasizes openness and cooperation. A company that started out as an online book store in 1994, pursued innovative business diversification and became the largest eCommerce company in the world. They are not just involved in eCommerce though, they are also into stores, media, distribution, music streaming, logistics and shipping, entertainment, and even finance, which has helped them to become the number one cloud company worldwide. The company that is now taking on the challenge of entering the online pharmacy and fresh food delivery business is Amazon.

Another sector where the big blur is prominent is the finance sector. It has been quite a while since phenomenal improvement in fintech has spurred big Korean IT platforms like Kakao and Naver to enter the finance sector. Lately, the finance sector has also been seen joining forces with the game industry, again crossing borders. NC Soft is working with KB Securities, while Nexon is cooperating with Shinhan Bank to become yet another example of the big blur phenomenon. The marriage of games and finance is anticipated to go beyond financial products that use game characters and lead to the innovative convergence of industries based on AI, blockchain, cloud and big data, major Industry 4.0 technologies.

CJ Logistics transcends the boundary of logistics with cutting-edge technology


It The boundary of the logistics industry is gradually disappearing and is instead emerging as a major industry that accelerates the coming of the big blur era. Integrated fulfillment is at the center of the new logistics trend, which encompasses contract logistics and delivery, transcending simple storage and shipment services. The big blur phenomenon in CJ Logistics, a leader of smart logistics reform based on its operation system and advance technologies, is a case in point. To respond to the rapid growth of the eCommerce market, CJ Logistics has introduced the latest technologies including diverse operation systems, AI robots and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs).

Beginning with the launch of its e-fulfilment service in April, CJ Logistics is providing a total logistics service ranging from the issuance of goods as ordered by customers, to delivery and inventory management. Moreover, the company has expanded its operation center by over 661,157 m2 in conjunction with Naver. The e-fulfilment center that is run based in Naver Smart Store, which boasts over 460,000 stores, combines CJ Logistics’ state-of-the-art logistics technology, know-how and infrastructure.

The e-fulfilment service is expected to provide ae last mile service that meets the diverse demands of the company’s customers. The Cool Guardian System based on IoT, will be a key technology in the smart logistics reform led by CJ Logistics. Four logistics centers, including LP Dongtan Center and LP Yangji Center, monitor temperature and humidity 24/7 using the Cool Guardian System to provide a high-quality, cold chain logistics service.

CJ Logistics is leading the green logistics reform, which is breaking down the boundary between industries. The company has worked with Starbucks on a campaign to stop the use of disposable cups. It has not stopped there though. The company has also formed a private consultation body together with Twosome Place and LocknLock to reduce carbon emissions and take part in a joint paper upcycling business.

CJ Logistics has also co-developed corrugated bubbles with Moorim Paper and immediately adopted ecological packaging at their sites. Furthermore, the company is sharing its know-how and technology in full cold chain with Market Kurly in the last mile service for Next-Morning Delivery, a fresh food courier service.

CJ Logistics is engaged in various forms of last mile services customized for its customers, including Safe & Speedy Delivery, taking a step further toward maintaining the quality of fresh food, and Touching on Customer Satisfaction Service. At a time when industries are changing rapidly and industrial barriers are blurring, CJ Logistics will define the future of logistics by optimizing its logistics centers.

Image Source : Official Vetements Instagram, official KM20food Instagram, Amazon homepage, Shinhancard homepage, Market Kurly

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