Business CJ Logistics proves its global competitiveness with advanced logistics infrastructure
2020. 10. 27

CJ Logistics proves its global competitiveness with advanced logistics infrastructure Received a series of awards in China and the US

To become one of the top 5 global leading logistics companies, going beyond being the best in Korea. This is one of CJ Logistics' major visions. After actively pursuing global M&A since 2013, CJ Logistics has established its global networks covering 280 major overseas bases in as many as 154 cities of 40 countries. Among them, two family companies are promoting the global competitiveness of CJ Logistics by showcasing outstanding performances. Let’s find out more about this good news.

2 employees monitoring at CJ Rokin Logistics’ smart logistics factory, 3 employees working at CJ Logistics America’ warehouse

CJ Rokin leads China on the basis of its know-how learned from CJ Logistics

The first is CJ Rokin Logistics, a CJ Logistics company based in China. CJ Rokin, which joined the member of CJ Logistics’ affiliate in 2015, is leading smart logistics in China by optimizing SCM strategy consulting solutions and CJ Logistics' unique TES (Technology, Engineering, Systems & Solutions) capabilities to suit local needs. In particular, as the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for cold chain logistics to store and transport fresh food products, CJ Rokin's cold chain logistics capability is attracting great attention.

In September, the 7th China International Logistics Development Conference, the most trusted event in the field of logistics and transportation in China, was held. At the event, CJ Rokin was selected as the “most advanced logistics company in China in 2020” for its contribution to rapid transportation of emergency supplies during the quarantine period of COVID-19.
Recently, CJ Rokin ranked 12th of the Top 20 Chinese Contract Logistics of 2020 selected by the logistics information platform China Log, which is the highest among foreign logistics companies. The fact that CJ Rokin also ranked 10th and 15th respectively in 2018 and 2019 proves that it has established its solid position in the Chinese logistics market every year.

Employees with plaques at the “2020 Chinese Advanced Logistics Enterprise Awards”, CJ Rokin Logistics’ TES cold chain logistics warehouse

Furthermore, it was ranked 2nd among the “Top 100 Refrigerated Logistics Enterprises in China” at the “11th  World Cold Chain Summit” last year and selected as the “Outstanding Food Service Logistics Service Provider of 2019” at the “China Food Service Supply Chain Summit.” As such, the company has been recognized for its world-class logistics capabilities by various organizations, playing a pivotal role in local W&D (Warehouse & Distribution) and cold chain logistics.

CJ Logistics America becomes a leader in the cold chain logistics and third-party logistics

More good news came from CJ Logistics America CJ Logistics America is a new entity created by the merger of CJ Logistics USA (a subsidiary of CJ Logistics based in Seoul) and DSC Logistics (acquired through an M&A), which is in charge of the operation of warehouses, transportation, and forwarding businesses across the United States and Canada.

8 employees of CJ Logistics America at the meeting

One of the strengths of CJ Logistics America is its extensive network in the food and consumer goods industries covering the entire US. The company was selected as “2020 TOP 3PL & Cold Storage Providers” by the American magazine Food Logistics for its resilience, strength, and innovation. The magazine explained that CJ Logistics America successfully met the various needs of customers with its cutting-edge technologies, such as temperature monitoring technology, transportation management system, and warehouse management system.

Also, the company received a “2020 Quest for Quality Award” from “Logistics Management,” the largest logistics magazine in the US, for its value-added warehousing and distribution solutions in third-party logistics. By successfully demonstrating such stable logistics operation capabilities and quality services, CJ Logistics America is highly anticipated to serve as a bridgehead for targeting the American market, the center of global logistics.

Medal of the “2020 TOP 3PL & Cold Storage Providers”, Medal of the “2020 Quest for Quality Award-Logistics management”

Behind the success stories of family companies and overseas subsidiaries, there were CJ Logistics' technological capabilities and infrastructure support. To provide high-quality logistics services for customers and businesses in various countries, CJ Logistics will expand its logistics territory on the basis of constant collaboration. It will be soon be found at the top of global logistics.


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